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How to rebind the Navigator after an event is added to a main control

Last revision: Aug 24, 2010

The DayPilotNavigator.VisibleRangeChanged event allows rebinding the free/busy information after date change. 

VisibleRangeChanged is fired automatically when you change the visible months by clicking the arrow links in the Navigator header:


If you want to refresh the Navigator free/busy information manually, you can call visibleRangeChangedCallBack() on the client-side:


The best place to call visibleRangeChangedCallBack() is the AfterRenderJavaScript handler. 

function afterRender(data) {
  if (data.navigatorRefresh) {

In this case, the Navigator update will only be requested if you call Update() with the following parameters:

Hashtable data = new Hashtable();
data["navigatorRefresh"] = true;


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