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How to bind Navigator to multiple controls

Last revision: Feb 23, 2010

1. Switch to manual (JavaScript) TimeRangeSelected handling:


2. Create a client-side handler that will update all the controls you need

DayPilotNavigator.TimeRangeSelectedJavaScript="dpc.commandCallBack("navigate", {start:start}); dpm.commandCallBack('navigate', {start:start});"

This code will update two controls:

This is the fastest way which will only pass "start" parameter to the commandCallBack.

The TimeRangeSelectedHandling="Bind" option is calling something like this:

dpc.commandCallBack(dpn.command, {start:start, end: end, days: dpn.days});

Where "dpn" is the value of DayPilotNavigator.ClientObjectName property.


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