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How to show cell Bubble using JavaScript

Last revision: May 15, 2012

You can show the bubble for a background cell using this undocumented method. Please note that the API may change in the future.

var cell = {};
cell.calendar = calendar;  // use ClientObjectName, works for Scheduler and Month as well
cell.start = start; // DayPilot.Date
cell.end = end; // DayPilot.Date
cell.resource = res; // resource id, can be null
cell.toJSON = function() {
  var json = {};
  json.start = this.start;
  json.end = this.end;
  json.resource = this.resource;
  return json;

// if staticBubbleHTML() is defined the bubble will show its result instead of calling the server
cell.staticBubbleHTML = function() {
  return "Details";

The bubble will be displayed at the current mouse position.


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