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List of CSS classes used in CssOnly mode (Scheduler)

Last revision: Jun 11, 2013

All the classes will be prefixed with the value of CssClassPrefix property. 



"_message" will result in "scheduler_green_message".

See also

Message Box


Message bar.


Close icon of the message bar.



Main event box


Inner event box.


Depending on the line on which the event is placed in a row (not a row number)

Examples: _event_line0, _event_line1


A selected event (in addition to _event).


 Duration bar background, full width. Inside _event.


Active area of the duration bar, depending on real duration or PercentComplete. Inside _event_bar.


Events that start outside of the visible area.


Events that end outside of the visible area.



Moving/resizing shadow marker.


Inside _shadow.



1px horizontal line between rows in the resource header.


Applied to every cell in the row header, including additional columns.


Applied to additional columns, in addition to _rowheader.


Additional columns, in addition to _rowheadercol and _rowheader.

Examples: _rowheadercol1, _rowheadercol2


Inside _rowheader.


Expand icon box. Inside _rowheader and _rowheader_inner.


Collapse icon box. Inside _rowheader and _rowheader_inner.


No children icon box. Inside _rowheader and _rowheader_inner.



The topmost div.


Vertical 1px line between resources and the time part.


Horizontal 1px line between upper-left corner and resources.

Upper-Left Corner Cell


Upper-left corner box.


Inside _corner.

Time Grid


Main scrollable area with time cells.


 Grid with time cells, inside _scrollable.


Loading label.


 1px horizontal line between time cells.


1px vertical line between time cells.


1px vertical line placed over _matrix_vertical_line if there is a time break at this point - a hidden column for ShowNonBusiness=false.

Time Cells


Time cell. Only in full rendering mode (see _cellcolumn below).


If the cell is in a parent resource; in addition to _cell.


Used when the optimized cell rendering is applied - if all the cells in a column have the same properties they are rendered using a single div marked with this class.

Time Header


Time header group cell, there are always 1+ time header group rows, depending on TimeHeaders property.


Inside _timeheadergroup.


Cells in the last row of the time header, there is always 1 time header col group with one cell per CellDuration unit.


Inside _timeheadercol.


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