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How to improve speed of the Scheduler (when showing many events)

Last revision: Feb 14, 2011

Basic Checklist

  1. Upgrade to DayPilot Pro 6.2 SP3 or later. Versions prior to 6.2 store all events in the ViewState (see also StoreEventsInViewState property). Even if you disable the ViewState using (ViewStateEnabled property) the ViewState synchronization code is generated and sent to the client with every CallBack.
  2. Make sure that you load only the necessary events on the server side (check you SELECT command). You should limit the query to the events between StartDate and StartDate + Days.
  3. Turn off the ViewState for the control (EnableViewState="false"). This will not improve the rendering speed but it will reduce the data transferred with PostBacks/CallBacks.
  4. Enable POST request compression.

Dynamic Features

The DayPilot Scheduler has special features that help showing large data sets.

  1. Load only the events for the visible area using Dynamic Event Loading.
  2. If you are showing many resources, try to organize them into a tree and load the tree children dynamically using Dynamic Resource Tree Loading.


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